20 October 2009


Announcing Todd Brunel's and Esther Viola's first night as collaborating programmers:


Rob Bethel    cello
John Mclellan    drums
Todd Brunel    clarinets
Tom Duprey    trumpet

Sarvenaz Moshfegh    cello
Silvana Costa    spoken word
Esther Viola    oboe/voice

To find out how we're gonna mix it up and break it down, join us November 6th at the Outpost!

06 October 2009


Only one way to find out...
...the first Friday of the month at Outpost 186.

The Vortex is a concert series that brings new and improvised music every first Friday of the month to Outpost 186.

The shows span diverse musical styles and artistic disciplines, but the common factors remain experimentation and spontaneity. While most performers have a strong affinity for improvisation, this is not required. They may have a background in jazz, or classical training, or be completely self-taught. We actively seek performers from as diverse backgrounds as possible. We only ask one thing: be open.

The Vortex varies greatly from month to month. Listeners expect the unexpected. The shows are rarely rehearsed, and combinations of performers who have never performed together before are the norm. Often the show takes a natural form based on who is playing, and it is never set in stone. For example, two separate bands may play two distinct sets, or they may play separately and then together. The “band” of the night could also be a guitarist, a dancer and a painter. It could sound like modern jazz, electronic music, beat poetry, or something less easily definable.

The vibe of the shows is relaxed and casual. The intimate size of the space allows audience members to talk to the performers throughout the show.