12 February 2010


Beat & Brazuka Breakdown

Esther Viola  oboe
Silvana Costa  poet
Adam Bahrami guitars/cavaquinho
...and others!

EV is trying out some ideas: putting music to words and bringing oboe to Brazilian beats and melodies.

PART 1 poetry and sound improv

PART 2 solo surprise
PART 3 non-traditional takes on Brazilian beats and sambas

10 February 2010

A Labor of Love

After talking with some friends on Friday night, I started to understand that this series could branch in ways that I hadn't considered. The Vortex is a labor of love where some of the most profound new music happens, usually improvised. This latest incarnation is 2 years old, but in the past I had a vortex in 2004-05 that was really great as well and involved a whole cast of characters and the Old Green Street Grill. Fights and nastiness ensued around the time of the Red Sox play offs...well of course in a town that loves its sports, we eventually moved to what is now the Lilli Pad...back then it was the Zeitgeist space.
Its been 10 years now of exploring new and creative music making in association with Rob Chalfen and others who have really dedicated their lives to creating new music adventures similar to what used to happen in the 60's and 70's and yes I suppose the 80's. I have also seen other incredible musicians at other concerts at the venue which we are currently in, the Outpost 186, the home of our series. They are there to promote their music to an appreciative audience of fellow journeypersons, creating the music they really love and I am certain that none of the artists performing at this space are really there for the money. Truly this space is home to many labors of love and we think this kind of music is that important to make an adjustment in perspective. How do we go about changing a perspective that is so wrapped in mystique or petty misconceptions? To champion improvised music as a real art, a listening art, an art of chance, reaction, innovation and true artistic integrity..
Thanks to Yael Bat Shimon violin, Geni Skendo flute, shakuhatchi and of course Rob Bethel and our great recording engineer that night, David Lee...hope your feeling better John..catch you on the next one bro!