06 January 2012

The VODE at NSH and an invitation only show!

Happy New Year!
The Vortex Series had such a strong finish to the year with two amazing concerts at the Nave Gallery in Somerville and we are so grateful to the Somerville Arts Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council for their support. In our latest Vortex news, The Vortex Other Dimension Ensemble will be teaming up with Lisa Linde and her students at Newton South High School on January 11. In this incarnation of the VODE, we will feature mezzo soprano Sara Bielaski, cellist Rob Bethel, clarinetist Todd Brunel and percussionist Gary Fieldman.
On Sunday February 12, we will be presenting a small invitation only concert that will feature guitarist Garrison Fewell, trumpet player Jerry Sabatini and guitarist Eric Hofbauer. With this concert, we would like to say thank you to our supporters and close friends.
In case you missed it, video footage is now available from our December 9th concert and clips are available now on Todd Brunel's youtube channel. Here are some clips for your enjoyment:

Peter Cassino and Todd Brunel

1st Movement of Petitionen by Paul Walter Furst with violist Eve Boltax, painist Paul Carlson and clarinetist Todd Brunel:

VODE Improvisation II featuring Gary Fieldman on drums, alto saxophonist Rick Stone, violist Eve Boltax, pianist Peter Cassino and clarinetist Todd Brunel