24 November 2010

Jeff PLatz Group

Friday December 3, 2010
8:00 Outpost 186.
The Jeff Platz Group
Junko Simons cello
Kit Demos bass
David Miller drums

”Platz‘s mystic axe tones gradually madden into vapor -like
labyrinths letting the subtleties unfold in sparse bubbling currents”.

" An intelligent approach to both composition
and improvisation”

This will be our last regularly scheduled show at the amazing outpost 186 and our last Vortex Show of 2010. Our next show will be at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square Cambridge on Friday January 7.

07 November 2010

Moving in January

We are moving to a new location in January. The Vortex has been at the Outpost 186 for over three years and recently we decided to move over to the Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn St in Harvard Square Cambridge, MA. One of the big reasons for this move is the addition of new planning personnel and we have decided to team up with an organization called Art Without Borders.We are planning many new events in 2011 and feel very strongly that live new and improvised music will be best if brought to a few different communities. The concept of the Vortex can be molded to suit many purposes, but our primary objective is to present music that is new, interesting, improvised or notated and we are always seeking new collaborators. I am very happy to say that Julee Avallone and Michael Dobiel are taking time from their busy schedule with the Boston Free Jazz Association to work with us as well as composer Pamela Marshall, artist Sirarpi Henghinian Walzer, flutist Pat Jao and engineer/ trombonist Randy Winchester. We also will be seeking advice from our long time collaborators, cellist Rob Bethel, flutist Matt Samolis, drummer John McClellan, oboist Esther Viola and Rob Chalfen, the executive producer of the Outpost 186, still located in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA. This year we are also planning on teaming up with Zumix in East Boston and the Cafe at the Somerville Armory. At both of these new locations we will be providing performance opportunities for students and strongly believe that now more than ever young people need exposure to new ways of creating music. Our last show (for now) at the Outpost 186 in Inman Square will feature the Jeff Platz Group, Friday December 3 at 8:00.