14 July 2010

Boston Phoenix 'Bos Picks'

VOD Fest July 22, 2010
If you frequent the tiny avant-improv bunker Outpost 186, then you're familiar with clarinettist Todd Brunel's Vortex Series, which features some of the city's finest jazz musicians and free-improvisers of all stripes. Today Brunel launches his VOD Festival (as in, Vortex Other Dimension). Festivities include a full day of master classes and workshops for all levels of "jazz, blues, microtonal improvisation, music concrète, world music, and avant-garde improvisation on your instrument of choice." The day concludes with a concert by VOD faculty: saxophonist Tom Hall, the Jeff Platz Group, the Vortex Other Dimension Ensemble, pianist David Maxwell, and guitarist Kevin Frenette. It's all at the Cambridge Family YMCA, 820 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 10 am-6:45 pm workshops; 7-10 pm concert | $75 full day; $12 evening concert; $10 students | clarinetconspiracy.com. Filed under: MUSIC

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