29 August 2010

Palimpest Friday

Friday 3 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Vortex presents
Dennis Shafer - solo saxophone, performing:
Tadj for Solo Soprano Saxophone by Christian Lauba
Melodique etude based upon three modes and varied attacks

+The Ara Sarkissian Palimpest Ensemble

Ara Sarkissian – piano / Julee Avalone – flutes /Todd Brunel – clarinets / Kit Demos – bass / John Mclellan - drumset

The Palimpsest Ensemble, led by Ara Sarkissian, combines the art of group improvisation with a strict adherence to musical form. Thus, unlike many other musical situations in which we as players use the technique of improvisation in an open form setting, this ensemble requires the application of improvisatory techniques within strict rules pertaining to form, texture, motivic development, dynamics and other elements.

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